JH Mosman

Having suffered from severe depression for two decades, hospitalisations, including many many many ECT treatments, I was finally diagnosed with PTSD and referred to Dr David Hall. I had heard a little about EMDR as a treatment, but was unsure what to expect.
Dr Hall spent time really gaining an understanding of the root cause of my PTSD, and when I underwent my first session of treatment I felt reassured that I was in safe hands at all times. 
I am writing this review some 9 months after my one and only treatment with him. This is because in just ONE treatment session, I managed to process the truly awful event that had haunted my daily life for all those years, and I am now totally free of it.
It seems almost unbelievable as now my entire outlook is so much calmer and l honestly feel like a new person. My husband and children have all noticed a big difference too – that makes me incredibly happy. I have even suggested this treatment to a friend who lives in the UK, something I would not do lightly.
Its difficult to overstate the difference this EMDR treatment has made and I cannot thank Dr Hall enough. If you suffer from PTSD this really could be the answer.
Life for me really has begun again!