3 Destructive PTSD Habits

  1. Suicide

    People with untreated PTSD are at a much higher risk of going through stages of suicidal thoughts. Individuals with severe occurrences of PTSD will frequently develop thoughts of suicide, which can be prevented through methods of dealing with PTSD, such as therapy sessions and medication. When they keep reliving their traumatic experiences, it can increase the likelihood of suicidal thoughts.

  2. Alcohol and Drug Abuse

    Studies have suggested that individuals suffering from PTSD are more likely to develop drug and alcohol abuse problems when compared to those without it. While some sufferers may think that using alcohol or drugs to self-medicate helps them, this can in fact have a detrimental long-term impact.

  3. Avoidance

    People who have been traumatised will start to avoid triggers for anxiety. This frequently results in them isolating themselves from family and friends. They reduce (and even stop) going out, so that their comfort zone – and ultimately their world – becomes smaller and smaller.